2020 Turkey Lighthouse souvenir sheet

On 13 July 2020 Turkey issued a souvenir sheet to commemorate the EUROMED theme “Traditional Gastronomy”. Non of the tree stamps on the sheet features a lighthouse but there is a large image of Kiz Kulesi on the left side of the sheet.

Kiz Kulesi L/H | 7/13/2020 Kiz Kulesi L/H | 7/13/2020

Thanks to Jaap for the information about this issue.

To see more lighthouse stamps from Turkey, click here.

2 responses to “2020 Turkey Lighthouse souvenir sheet

  1. Hi Terry,
    Keep up the good work. In my possession is a bunch of commemorative covers of lighthouses on the Great Lakes. Some of the postmarks are of places that are nowhere near the location of the lighthouse shown on the cover. They’ve been produced on a shoe string budget as the printing process is mediocre. I don’t mean to come across as critical but can you tell me the organisation that produces them and if possible the quantities that were produced? Thank you very much. I live in Perth – Western Australia.

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