It’s a big job keeping track of all the new lighthouse stamps that are issued. You can help by letting me know if you find one that isn’t listed. I’d also like to include catalog numbers for each of the stamps that are listed. I don’t have access to all the catalogs so if you see missing numbers in the descriptions (indicated by ‘?’) and you can supply them, please let me know through the contact page.

You may have noticed that we are in the process of upgrading the images displayed on the site. If you have stamps in your collection that aren’t displayed or if the images that are displayed are not high quality we encourage you to submit your scans. Contact the webmaster via the Contact page.

Stamps should be scanned at 600 ppi and saved as TIFF files if at all possible. It helps to scan them against a neutral gray background. Simply lay the stamp on the scanner and place the gray background over the stamp before scanning. Don’t worry if you don’t have a gray background, though. Don’t do any post processing such as cropping, straightening or color correction. This is particularly important if you submit JPEG images as quality is lost every time you save the image. You can scan multiple stamps at once, just be sure to leave enough space between them to allow for cropping/straightening by the webmaster.

Please DO NOT submit images that you have downloaded from other web sites.

Comments and suggestions are always welcome.

Thank you, together we can make this a great site.

Terry Jednaszewski, webmaster