Montenegro 2012

These two stamps were issued by Montenegro on 6 Jul 2012 but due to a lack of decent images they are just being posted here now. The first stamp shows Volujica lighthouse which is located near the end of the peninsula to the south of the port of Bar. It currently doesn’t look much like the image on the stamp as it is painted in black and white horizontal bands. It can just be seen to the right of the storage tanks in this photo. The second stamp shows Verige lighthouse which also goes by the name of Rt Turski and is located at the northern entrance of the Verige strait.

Volujica L/H, 6 Jul 2012

Verige L/H, 6 Jul 2012

Italy 2013 La Rotonda della Madonna Lt

La Rotonda della Madonna Lt is just visible at the upper part of the stamp and pictoral cancel shown below. As indicated by the date on the cancel, the stamp was issued on 16 Nov 2013.

La Rotonda della Madonna Lighthouse, 16 Nov 2013

Italy, La Rotonda della Madonna Lt, 16 Nov 2013

2013 German pictorial cancels

This gallery shows 8 pictorial cancels from Germany that were recently added.

Portugal-Azores 2013

On 9 Oct 2013 the Azores issued a set of four stamps and two souvenir sheets commemorating the bee keeping industry. The stamp shown here shows Gonçalo Velho L/H located on Santa Maria Island.

Gonçalo Velho L/H, 9 Oct 2013

2013 Republic of South Africa

On 26 July 2013 the South African Post Office issued a souvenir sheet with 10 stamps commemorating the Centenary of Port Elizabeth 1913-2013. On the margin of the sheet and on the stamp at the upper right the lighthouse at the Donkin Reserve is depicted. This light is no longer active and is a popular tourist destination as the lighthouse is open and provides a spectacular view of the city.

Donkin Lighthouse, Scott F2b, 26 Jul 2013

Donkin Lighthouse, Scott F2b, 26 Jul 2013

Croatia Lighthouses 2013

On 26 Sep 2013 Croatia Post released the latest in a series of lighthouse stamps. Lighthouses shown on the below stamps include: Pločica Light, Stončica Light., and Sućuraj Light.

Pločica Light, Scott 883, 26 Sep 2013

Stončica Lt., Scott 884, 26 Sep 2013

Sućuraj Lt., Scott 885, 26 Sep 2013

Horses (and Lighthouses) of France 2013

On 8 April 2013 France La Poste issued a set of 12 stamps commemorating the horses of the regions of France. Two of these stamps show French lighthouses. Les Héaux de Bréhat Light is seen at the upper left of the first stamp shown below. Gatteville Light is faintly visible in the background of the second stamp at the top center.

Les Héaux de Bréhat Light, 8 Apr 2013

Gatteville Light, 8 Apr 2013

Bulgaria 2013

On 16 August 2013 Bulgaria Post issued this miniature sheet commemorating the International Philatelic Salon at Sophia. It reprints the two lighthouse stamps from 2001 showing Shabla Lighthouse and Kaliakra Lighthouse.

Shabla Lt. and Kaliakra Lt., 16 Aug 2013

The 2001 stamps are shown below.

Shabla Lighthouse, Scott 4198, 19 Nov 2001

Kaliakra Lighthouse, Scott 4199, 19 Nov 2001

2013 France Sheets with Lighthouses

On 1 July 2013 France La Poste issues 8 sheets of 6 stamps each. Four of the sheets depict lighthouses of the Islands of France series. Shown below are the four sheets showing lighthouses. When higher resolution images of the individual stamps are available this post will be updated.

Vieux Fort Lt., 1 Jul 2013

Vieux Fort Lighthouse on the island of Guadeloupe is shown on the stamp at the bottom left.

  La Caravelle Lt., 1 Jul 2013

La Carvelle Lighthouse on the island of Martinique is shown on the stamp at the bottom right.

  Ile Vierge Lt. and La Croix Lt., 1 Jul 2013

La Croix Lighthouse is shown at the upper right and is located near Brehat Island. Ile Vierge Lighthouse is shown at the bottom right. It is located near Plouguerneau in Brittany.

  Chassiron Lt., 1 Jul 2013

Chassiron Lighthouse is shown at the top right and is located onl’île d’Oléron.

2013 Iceland Lighthouse III series – Updated

Iceland Post issued the two stamps shown below on 12 September 2013. This was announced in a post here on 4 Jan 2013. This is the third pair of stamps in the Iceland Lighthouse series and features  Skarðsfjara Lighthouse and Vattarnes Lighthouse.

Skarðsfjara Lighthouse, Scott 1317, 12 Sep 2013 Vattarnes Lighthouse, Scott 1316, 12 Sep 2013