Latvia 2015

On 21 August 2015 Latvia Post issued the latest in it’s series of lighthouse stamps. This one features Salacgrīvas Lighthouse. This lighthouse is located near the mouth of the Salaca River in northern Latvia on the Gulf of Riga. It has been inactive since about 1970.

Salacgrīvas LIghthouse | 21 Aug 2015

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2015 Macau Guia Lighthouse 150th Anniversary

On 8 July 2015 Macau Post issued a set of two stamps and a souvenir sheet to commemorate the 150th anniversary of Guia lighthouse. Guia was the first western style lighthouse built on the coast of China. It was constructed in 1865 on the highest point in Macau but was damaged by a typhoon and was inactive from 1874 to 1910.

Guia Lighthouse | WADP MO021.15 | 8 Jul 2015

Guia Lighthouse | WADP MO022.15 | 8 Jul 2015

Guia Lighthouse | WADP MO023.15 | 8 Jul 2015

Guia Lighthouse | WADP MO023.15 | 8 Jul 2015

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