Hong Kong 2015

Hongkong Post issued a set of 6 stamps on 21 May 2015. Each of the stamps features a government vessel, however none shows a lighthouse. A stylized lighthouse is pictured at the lower left margin of the mini-pane of 18 stamps shown below.

Stylized lighthouse (at margin) | Scott ?, Mi ?, SG ?, WADP ? | 21 May 2015

2015 Israel Lightouse Stamp

On 14 Apr 2015 Israel Post issued this stamp to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the port of Ashdod. At the left edge of the stamp the checkerboard structure is Ashdod Lighthouse. The lighthouse was built as part of the port construction and used the lens from Jaffa Lighthouse which was deactivated.

Ashdod Lighthouse | Scott ?, Mi 2460, SG ?, WADP IL011.15 | 14 Apr 2015