German Lighthouse Stamps – June 2015

Deutsche Post has recently added a set of two stamps to the “Lighthouse” series first began in 2004.

Moritzburg Lighthouse was built on a miniature harbor on a land-locked lake  in Saxony, near Dresden in the late 18th century. It is adjacent to the Little Pheasant Castle which was constructed by Elector Frederick Augustus III of Saxony who later became King of Saxony.

Lindau Lighthouse was constructed between 1853 and 1856 on Lake Constance and is the southern most lighthouse in Germany. It is interesting in that it has a clock built into the tower.

Moritzburg Lighthouse, 11 June 2015

Sheet of 10 with nautical chart in margins

Moritzburg Lighthouse, 11 June 2015

Lindau Lighthouse, 11 June 2015

Sheet of 10 with nautical chart in margins

Lindau Lighthouse, 11 June 2015

2015 New Polish Lighthouse Stamps

*** Updated 25 June 2015

On 19 June 2015, Polish Post issued a mini-sheet of 5 lighthouse stamps.

Rozewie West Tower Lighthouse, 19 Jun 2015

Rozewie West Tower Lighthouse

Kikut Lighthouse, 19 Jun 2015

Kikut Lighthouse

Świnoujście Lighthouse, 19 Jun 2015

Świnoujście Lighthouse

Jastarnia Lighthouse, 19 Jun 2015

Jastarnia Lighthouse

Gdansk Port Authority Lighthouse, 19 Jun 2015

Gdansk Port Authority Lighthouse

Lighthouse mini sheet, 19 Jun 2015

Mini Sheet

Poland first day cover, 2015

First Day Cover

Jastarnia Lighthouse, 19 Jun 2015

Postmark showing Jastarnia Lighthouse

New Canada Lighthouse Stamp

On 18 June 2015 Canada Post issued a set of 5 stamps depicting “Weather Wonders”. One of these stamps features Cape Spear Lighthouse in a light fog. Cape Spear, located in Newfoundland,  is the easternmost point in North America. The original lighthouse was built here in 1836. A new tower was built in 1955 using the light from the original lighthouse.

Cape Spear Lighthouse, 18 Jun 2015

Weather Wonders souvenir sheet, 18 Jun 2015

2015 Croatia Lighthouse Stamps

On 10 June 2015, Croatia Post issued 4 stamps in the lighthouse stamp series begun in 2007. Each of the stamps is available in sheets of 10.

Daksa Lighthouse, 10 Jun 2015

Daksa Lighthouse

Glavat Lighthouse, 10 Jun 2015

Glavat Lighthouse

Grebeni Lighthouse, 10 Jun 2015

Grebeni Lighthouse with Sveti Andrija Lighthouse in the background.

Sveti Andrija Lighthouse, 10 Jun 2015

Sveti Andrija Lighthouse

Norway 2015 Lighthouse Stamps

On 5 Jun 2015 Norway issued a very nice set of stamps featuring four of it’s lighthouses.

Kvitsøy Lighthouse, 5 Jun 2015

Kvitsøy Lighthouse

Slåtterøy Lighthouse, 5 Jun 2015

Slåtterøy Lighthouse

Lindesnes Lighthouse, 5 Jun 2015

Lindesnes Lighthouse

Kjeungskjær Lighthouse, 5 Jun 2015

Kjeungskjær Lighthouse

2014 Great Britain

On 18 Feb 2015 Royal Mail issued a set of Post and Go stamps featuring working sailing vessels. One of the stamps depicts a herring drifter named the Briar. At the lower left corner of the picture, near the stern of the vessel can be seen the Aberdeen North Pier Light.

Aberdeen North Pier Light, 28 Feb 2015

Aberdeen North Pier Light, 28 Feb 2015