2014 Great Britain

On 18 Feb 2015 Royal Mail issued a set of Post and Go stamps featuring working sailing vessels. One of the stamps depicts a herring drifter named the Briar. At the lower left corner of the picture, near the stern of the vessel can be seen the Aberdeen North Pier Light.

Aberdeen North Pier Light, 28 Feb 2015

Aberdeen North Pier Light, 28 Feb 2015

2014 Cuba Lighthouse Stamps

On 5 Oct 2014 Cuba released a set of four stamps depicting lighthouses. These same lighthouses were featured in a set that Cuba published in 2010.

Morro Castle Lighthouse, Scott 5544, 5 Oct 2014

Morro Castle Lighthouse, Havana Harbor

Cayo Jutia, Scott 5545, Pinar del Rio, 5 Oct 2014

Cayo Jutias Lighthouse

Cayo Cruz del Padre, Matanzas, Scott 5546, 5 Oct 2014

Cayo Cruz del Padre Lighthouse

Morro de Santiago de Cuba, Scott 5547, 5 Oct 2014

Morro Santago de Cuba Lighthouse

Souvenir Sheet, Scott 5155-5158, 15 Sep 2010

Set issued on 15 Sep 2010

2014 Latvia Lighthouse Stamp

This stamp was issued on 12 September 2014 by Latvijas Pasts. It depicts Ainažu Lighthouse which is located on the Gulf of Riga near the town of Ainaži. It was formerly the rear light of a range but the front range light was discontinued, hence the orange vertical stripe on the tower. This is the latest in a series of lighthouse stamps issued by Latvia and the first one since 2010. According to Latvijas Pasts we can expect the next lighthouse issue on 21 August 2015.

Ainažu light, 12 Sep 2014

2014 Tunisia

On 18 Nov 2014 the Tunisian postal authority issued these stamps featuring two old lighthouses that date to the 19th century. R’as Taguerness Lighthouse, located near Djerba, was built in 1895. Sidi Bou Saïd Lighthouse is the oldest lighthouse in Tunisia and dates to 1840. It is located on a hill called Fire Mountain at the north entrance to Tunis Bay. In ancient times, fires were built there to guide vessels into the port of Carthage.

Neither of these images is of very high quality. If any of our readers has better scans of these stamps and would like to contribute them please contact the webmaster through the contact page.

R'as Taguerness Lighthouse, 18 Nov 2014

Sidi Bou Saïd Lighthouse, 18 Nov 2014

Iceland 2015

The two pictured stamps will be issued by Iceland Postur on 10 September 2015.  Both lighthouses are located on small islands off the Icelandic coast. The first depicts Elliðæy Lighthouse and the other Æðey LIghthouse.

Elliðæy Lighthouse, 10 Sep 2015

Æðey LIghthouse, 10 Sep 2015

Germany Postal Cancels

As shown below, Germany continues to produce very nice postal cancels and meters depicting lighthouses.

Germany 30 May 2014

Germany 2 Aug 2014

Germany Oct 2013