Dear Lighthouse Stamp Collector,

This website was previously affiliated with the subscription based organization of the same name. At the end of 2019 our founder, Dalene Thomas, retired after 27 years of editing and publishing the Philatelic Beacon. Sadly, no one was willing to continue in her footsteps. Dalene did a wonderful job and her efforts will be missed.

I took over the webmaster position several years ago and am not willing to see all the work that I put into the website go by the wayside so have decided to keep the site alive  for as long as I am able. The Philatelic Beacon will no longer be published but I will endeavor to continue with my goal of listing every lighthouse stamp that has been issued. I will concentrate on the legitimate issues that are issued by postal authorities for use in posting mail. I’ll add Cinderellas and other items as time allows.

Click on the Participate link in the menu to see how you can help.

Terry Jednaszewski