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Some very sad news

I received some very sad news this weekend. The founder of the Lighthouse Stamp Society, Dalene Thomas, passed away on Friday Oct. 23, 2020 in Colorado, USA. Dalene worked tirelessly to maintain the LHSS and published the Philatelic Beacon for 27 years before retiring at the end of 2019. I recently contacted her about obtaining the back issues of the Beacon to post in an archives section of this website and she graciously agreed and told me that her health was failing and she was glad to have her work of over a quarter century in a safe place. Little did I know that she would leave us less than a week after I received her files. This website will continue to be dedicated to Dalene’s memory. May she rest in peace.

Dalene’s obituary can be found here

End of an Era

As of the end of 2019 the Lighthouse Stamp Society ceased to exist as a subscription based organization. However, the website will continue to function for as long as I can keep it going. I want to thank Dalene Thomas for the great job that she has done over the past 27 years. This website is dedicated to her.

I have to apologize for not posting much material lately as I recently moved to a new house and that turned out to be quite a project. Now I’m up and running again and the good news is that I have much better internet access which will make maintaining the website much easier. There is a lot of new material to post so I’d better get to it!