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2021 Great Britain Lighthouse Stamp

On 14 January 2021 the UK’s Royal Mail issued a set of 10 stamps featuring that nation’s national parks. The stamp featuring South Downs National Park shows (if you look very closely) Belle Tout L/H.  The lighthouse can be seen at the upper right corner of the stamp just to the right of the base of the letter “T” below the queen’s profile. The light was built in 1832 and deactivated in 1899. It has been subject to cliff erosion and has been moved a short distance inland from it’s original location. It is privately owned and is used as a bed and breakfast. In this image from Google Maps taken from Belle Tout L/H we can see Beachy Head L/H not far away.

Belle Tout L/H | 14 Jan 2021 Belle Tout L/H | 14 Jan 2021


Thanks to Michael in Scotland for the information and image scan for this new lighthouse stamp.

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2020 Tristan da Cunha Lightship Stamp

We have a new country to discuss! On 14 Dec 2020, Tristan da Cunha issued a set of 13 definitive stamps picturing modern mail ships. Since Tristan da Cunha is a remote island in the South Atlantic these ships are important to its economy. The £5.00 stamp shows a ship that looks nothing like a lightship but it, in fact, began life as the lightship Elbe 3 in 1911. After being retired it was rebuilt as an adventure cruise ship named Europa

Former lightship Elbe 3 | 14 Dec 2020 Former lightship Elbe 3 | 14 Dec 2020


Thanks to Jaap for finding this unusual stamp.