2020 Denmark Christmas seals

Updated with new information

Denmark has issued a sheet of Christmas seals for 2020 that includes two lighthouses. The third seal on the top row has a stylized version of Hanstholm Lighthouse located on Denmark’s northern coast marking the entrance to the Skagerrak and the Baltic Sea. The second lighthouse is on the last stamp in the third row which shows Kronborg Castle located on Denmark’s east coast north of the city of Copenhagen. The tower at the lower right of the sheet which I had thought was a lighthouse is not.

2020 Denmark Christmas seals 2020 Denmark Christmas seals


2020 Estonia Lighthouse Stamp

**Updated with additional information 11/28/2020

This is incredible! Eesti Post has issued another stamp in it’s long-running lighthouse series. This is the 21st consecutive year that Estonia has issued at least one stamp in this series. On 30 Oct 2020, this stamp was issued showing Kihnu Lighthouse which is located at the south end of Kihnu Island in the northeastern part of the Gulf of Riga. The lighthouse was built of modular iron plates in England and assembled on site in 1864.

Kihnu L/H | 29 Oct 2020 Kihnu L/H | 29 Oct 2020


Kihnu L/H | 29 Oct 2020 Kihnu L/H | 29 Oct 2020


Michael Ellison provided the following images of front and back of the information card that came with his order from Eesti Post. Thanks Michael!




Thanks Jaap, another great find.

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