Merry Christmas 2023

Here are two stamps that were issued in honor of Christmas.

The first, submitted by Jaap Termes, was issued by Aland on 20 Oct 2023 and features a stylized version of Marhällan Lighthouse. This light, built in 1938,  is located near the approach channel to the port of Mariehamn

The second stamp was submitted by Mike DePaz. It was issued by Aitutaki, Cook Islands on 16 December 2019 and shows a stylized lighthouse.

Marhällan L/H | 20 Oct 2023 | C4490 Marhällan L/H | 20 Oct 2023 | C4490


Stylized L/H | 16 Dec 2019 Stylized L/H | 16 Dec 2019


Thanks to Mike and Jaap for these submissions.

This is the only lighthouse stamp we have from Aitutaki. See more lighthouse stamps from Aland here

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