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2018 Brazil Lighthouse Stamp

On 4 December 2018 Correios Brazil issued a stamp commemorating 50 years of friendship with its neighbor country, Guyana. The R$1,85 value stamp depicts examples of Guyana’s tourism, flora and fauna. The Red and white striped Georgetown Lighthouse is shown at the right side of the stamp. This lighthouse was built in 1830 replacing a former wooden structure built in 1817 and marks the entrance to the Demerara River.

Georgetown L/H | Sc ?, Mi ?, SG ?, Yt ?, WADP ? | 4 Dec 2018 Georgetown L/H | Sc ?, Mi ?, SG ?, Yt ?, WADP ? | 4 Dec 2018

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Brazil 2015

On 9 Nov 2015 Brazil issued a set of 10 stamps titled “The Water Circuit – Minas Gerais”. One of the stamps in this set depicts a replica lighthouse and tourist attraction on a lake in Minas Gerais, a town northeast of São Paulo.

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