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2020 Italy Lighthouse Stamp

On 11 September 2020, Posteitaliane issued a stamp that shows Isola del Tino Lighthouse. This light is also known as Faro San Venerio, named after the patron saint of the Gulfo della Spezia. There are actually two lights at this location, the current one that was built in 1884 and the original one alongside that dates from 1840. The lights are located on a small island at the approach to the port of La Spezia in northwestern Italy.

Isola del Tino L/H | 11 Sep 2020 Isola del Tino L/H | 11 Sep 2020




Thanks to Jaap for his excellent research.

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2020 Lighthouse from Italy

On 26 June 2020, Post Italiane issued a set of two EUROPA stamps with the 2020 theme “Ancient Postal Routes”. One of these stamps shows the location of Punta della Guardia lighthouse. This light is located on the southern end of the island of Ponza in the Tyrrhennian Sea west of Naples. The location of the lighthouse is marked with a red arrow at the lower left quadrant of the stamp.

Punta della Guardia L/H | 6/26/2020 Punta della Guardia L/H | 6/26/2020


Punta della Guardia | 26 Jun 2020 Italy

Thanks to Jaap for the information about this issue.

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