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2019 Montenegro Lighthouse Stamp

This stamp was issued by Montenegro Post on 25 Nov 2o19 and Features Sveti Nikola (St. Nicholas) Lighthouse. This lighthouse should not be confused with the lighthouse of the same name in neighboring Croatia. The lighthouse is located at the southern end of St. Nicholas Island near the city of Budva. It must not be easy to get to by land as I haven’t found any photos of the light on Google Maps.

Sveti Nikola L/H | Sc ?, Mi ?, SG ?, Yt ?, WADP ? | 25 Nov 2019 Sveti Nikola L/H | Sc ?, Mi ?, SG ?, Yt ?, WADP ? | 25 Nov 2019


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Montenegro 2012

These two stamps were issued by Montenegro on 6 Jul 2012 but due to a lack of decent images they are just being posted here now. The first stamp shows Volujica lighthouse which is located near the end of the peninsula to the south of the port of Bar. It currently doesn’t look much like the image on the stamp as it is painted in black and white horizontal bands. It can just be seen to the right of the storage tanks in this photo. The second stamp shows Verige lighthouse which also goes by the name of Rt Turski and is located at the northern entrance of the Verige strait.

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