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Tunisia 2021 Lighthouse Stamp

On 10 Sept 2021 Tunisia issued a set of four stamps commemorating Forts of Tunisia. One of these stamps depicts Tabarka Lighthouse. This lighthouse is built on a 16th century fort in northwestern Tunisia near the Algerian border.

Tabarka L/H | 10 Sep 2021 Tabarka L/H | 10 Sep 2021

Our thanks go out to Jaap for information about this stamp.

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2014 Tunisia

On 18 Nov 2014 the Tunisian postal authority issued these stamps featuring two old lighthouses that date to the 19th century. R’as Taguerness Lighthouse, located near Djerba, was built in 1895. Sidi Bou Saïd Lighthouse is the oldest lighthouse in Tunisia and dates to 1840. It is located on a hill called Fire Mountain at the north entrance to Tunis Bay. In ancient times, fires were built there to guide vessels into the port of Carthage.

Neither of these images is of very high quality. If any of our readers has better scans of these stamps and would like to contribute them please contact the webmaster through the contact page.

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