St Pierre & Miquelon Lighthouse Stamps 2022

Saint Pierre & Miquelon recently released two lighthouse stamps.

The first of these two stamps was issued on 27 Aug 2022 and shows Pointe aux Canons Lighthouse. This design is very similar to one issued a year earlier. The color and denominations are different, however. This inactive lighthouse is located in the harbor of Saint Pierre.

Pointe aux Canons L/H | 27 Aug 2022 Pointe aux Canons L/H | 27 Aug 2022


The second stamp was issued on 10 Sep 2022 and features a lighthouse keeper polishing a Fresnel lens. At he left of the stamp we see Pointe Plate Lighthouse. This very tall lighthouse was built in 1881 and is located on the Langlade section of Miquelon.

Pointe Plate L/H | 10 Sep 2022 Pointe Plate L/H | 10 Sep 2022


Thanks to Mike DePaz for information about these stamps.

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