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2020 Tristan da Cunha Lightship Stamp

We have a new country to discuss! On 14 Dec 2020, Tristan da Cunha issued a set of 13 definitive stamps picturing modern mail ships. Since Tristan da Cunha is a remote island in the South Atlantic these ships are important to its economy. The £5.00 stamp shows a ship that looks nothing like a lightship but it, in fact, began life as the lightship Elbe 3 in 1911. After being retired it was rebuilt as an adventure cruise ship named Europa

Former lightship Elbe 3 | 14 Dec 2020 Former lightship Elbe 3 | 14 Dec 2020


Thanks to Jaap for finding this unusual stamp.

2013 German pictorial cancels

This gallery shows 8 pictorial cancels from Germany that were recently added.