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2019 Argentina Lighthouse Stamp

Islotes les Eclaireurs Lighthouse was chosen as one of the as one of the subjects for the recently released Argentina-Antarctica series of stamps. This light is located on the Beagle Channel near the city of Ushuaia, Argentina and is often mistakenly referred to as the Lighthouse at the End of the World. It’s French name translates to “Islets of the Scouts”.

Les Eclaireurs L/H | Sc ?, Mi ?, SG ?, Yt ?, WADP ? | 31 Jan 2019 Les Eclaireurs L/H | Sc ?, Mi ?, SG ?, Yt ?, WADP ? | 31 Jan 2019

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More Columbus Lighthouse Stamps

Thanks to Carlos Silvano for providing these images. As noted in a previous post, the Columbus Lighthouse is not truly a lighthouse but there have been many stamps issued commemorating it. The Dominican Republic stamps shown here were issued in 1928 before the design of the monument was determined.

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