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Nov 2020 Turkey Lighthouse Stamp

On 24 Nov 2020 Turkey issued a set of two definitive stamps with Istanbul as the theme. One of these stamps features Kiz Kulesi Lighthouse.

Kiz Kulesi L/H | 24 Nov 2020 Kiz Kulesi L/H | 24 Nov 2020


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2020 Turkey Lighthouse souvenir sheet

On 13 July 2020 Turkey issued a souvenir sheet to commemorate the EUROMED theme “Traditional Gastronomy”. Non of the tree stamps on the sheet features a lighthouse but there is a large image of Kiz Kulesi on the left side of the sheet.

Kiz Kulesi L/H | 7/13/2020 Kiz Kulesi L/H | 7/13/2020

Thanks to Jaap for the information about this issue.

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